Artificial green walls

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Make your space unique with our custom green walls. One of the most important decor trends, green walls are instant statement-makers. The possibilities are endless: they can be used as a divider, they can cover a plain check or column in your house, they can dress up a curved surface and can even be used to give new life to an exterior facade. 

Get creative; there are so many different options to choose from. Your green wall can be framed or not. Depending on your preferences, the wall can be full and lush or more uniform. You can have a moss base with succulents and/or wood, or the base can be boxwood tiles, topped with ferns and other hanging plants, or you can simply choose lattice panels, entwined with artificial greenery. There is an infinite number of ways to make your green wall one of a kind!

Would you like to have a custom made greenwall? Tell us about your project here!



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