18 March 2018

The arrival of Spring and warmer weather is usually a sign of the impending arrivals of the years' first blooms. Here are six varieties to favor so that your artificial bouquets look like they were freshly plucked from the ground.

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Eclectic Decor

13 March 2018

The word eclectic has existed for a very long time, but eclectic style only recently became known as a home décor style. It’s known for its mix of many different home décor styles, notably modern or contemporary, but can have a mix of farmhouse or industrial décor as well – it’s the perfect option for those who can’t decide which style they like best. This mix of styles is what makes eclectic décor fun, diverse, and popular!

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19 February 2018

With all the models of houseplants showing up on the Pinterest boards of greenery lovers, small fruit trees can sometimes be overlooked for bigger, more robust plants. However! When we were discussing early Spring kitchen makeovers with blogger Melanie Voyer, she was over the moon when she discovered our artificial lemon tree!  

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23 January 2018

We are firm believers that one home cannot have too much greenery, as they add life and light to any space they grace, and give it a lived-in vibe. If you want to add some trendy greenery to your space, but have a thumb that’s a little less than green, consider adding some cacti and succulents to your home – but not any kind of cacti and succulents, add the artificial kind !

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16 January 2018

Scandinavian style has been around for almost 70 years, but it remains just as relevant today. Inspired by the lifestyle in Nordic countries, this style is at once minimalist and functional. This doesn’t mean that homes decked out in this style lack charm or warmth –  it’s actually the opposite – it marries the simplicity of the Nordic lifestyle with home design. 

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06 January 2018

Without a doubt one of the most significant trends in plant design in the business community over the past few years, vegetated walls (also known as green walls) are now making a smaller, yet just as spectacular, appearance in the residential sector.

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19 December 2017

Over the last few years, Pinterest has become the authority on home décor inspiration (The home decor category has seen a 75% increase in searches year over year!), so who better than Pinterest to dictate the top 10 trends! Try them, embrace them, love them - and let us know your thoughts!

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12 December 2017

With the holidays just around the corner, and the malls definitely packed passed capacity, getting the right gift for your loved ones at this time of the year can sometimes be a little overwhelming. However, at Décors Véronneau, we have everything you need to be a holiday hero – no mall necessary!

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30 November 2017

Because the holidays mean gathering around large tables for great meals, and if you're the one that's hosting, your table décor should be one of the top things to cross off your infamous to-do list!

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07 November 2017

A swoon-worthy, seasonally-inspired entrance will instantly fill all of your guests with holiday spirit. The December issue of Les idées de ma maison presents the season’s must-haves for creating a stylish yet festive entrance, featuring many of Décors Véronneau’s holiday home décor accessories.

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