Good news! Houseplants will continue to be a mainstay in your home decors over the next couple of season, bringing with them some much-needed balance to our increasingly technology-dependent lives. After the much-loved Fiddle Leaf Fig and Olive trees, which were the trendiest trees over the last few years, here are some new trends that we’re watching in 2019.

This year, bigger is better. Better Homes and Gardens is stating that oversized trees and plants will be a favorite. Whether we’re talking about their height or their foliage, there’s nothing minimalist about this trend. As oversized houseplants begin to take over, it’s not surprising that Birds of Paradise as well as Monsteras – also known at Philodendrons – will continue to be present on your Pinterest boards and your Instagram feeds with their large, decorative foliage. 

oversize monstera plant in basket
Saturated green tones will also be among the most popular this year, along with full and dense foliage, as seen on the Ficus Elastica, which is better known as a Rubber Tree plant.

Different kinds of ferns will also be a popular houseplant in the coming months, due to their luxurious look and feel. A couple of our favorite ferns are Boston and Maidenhair, either of which will be a great addition to your home décor.

full green fern in white pot
Once again, according to Better Homes and Gardens magazine, grouping your plants together will be the best way to create an interesting and inviting focal point in your home. The colorful tones in certain foliage – like those found in different kinds of Calathea plants – can also serve to bring out the accent colors in your new cushions.

calathea plant and other ornamental foliage

suspended plants in colorful pots
In the same vein, Country Living magazine is shining the spotlight on sculptural plants, be it for indoors or outdoors. For your garden, opt for the year’s trendiest suspended plants. Instead of traditional hanging baskets, opt instead for colorful or patterned suspended pots that will match your bright plants.
Pinterest and the Year’s Search Trends
Every year Pinterest releases a list of the year’s top 100 trends, and within that list, the popular inspiration site has its top 10 Home Décor trends. In the 2019 trend list, there were two particular things that caught our eye. 

Collection of small cacti in playful pots
The first search trend that got our attention was cactus-related searches, which have seen an increase of over 235%! This means that arrangements featuring succulents and cacti will be as popular as ever this year, and will continue to add a small touch of sophisticated greenery to our spaces!
What also caught our eye was the increased interest in all things vertical, specifically vertical gardens! We call them green walls, but whatever you call them, you’re more than likely to fall under the jungalow spell and want some floor to ceiling greenery. Searches of this type have increased 287%! We’re willing to bet that wall-mounted pots will also be a favorite in 2019.

vertical garden in bedroom
What About Pots?
Mix it up! At least that’s what Better Homes and Gardens is saying will be the trend for 2019. Pots of all kinds, shapes, dimensions, and colors should be grouped together to decorate your home with one of the trendiest home accents of the year.
Elsewhere, we’re also seeing a resurgence of a new type of bohemian home décor, dubbed neo-ethnic. This style can be characterized by its tribal prints and artisanal ceramics, among others.

Now you have all of the information that you need to make 2019 the greenest and trendiest that your home has ever been!

Photo source: Pinterest
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