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Indoor & Outdoor

artificial curcuma plant in round dark grey pot in neutral home decor
Discover our collection of interior and exterior artificial plants that will add that finishing touch to your home decor! In our collection, you’ll find a large number of hanging floral arrangements, a variety of fake tropical plants and artificial palm trees, as well as artificial trees of all sizes created with natural tree trunks and artificial foliage. If you have a smaller space, have a look at our selection of small decorative plants. You’ll also find many different terrariums made with faux cacti and succulents. You can also opt for one of our green walls as a unique way to add some greenery to your home! We make them in a variety of sizes and they’ll make your home appear even more inviting.
When decorating your patio, opt for fake plants and shrubs that are guaranteed against UV discoloration; even some of our artificial agave plants are treated! If you haven’t already, we suggest taking a look at our privacy lattice fence panel to add some privacy to your yard. Don’t forget to read our article on how to care for your artificial plants to learn how to clean your new arrivals so they keep their day one shine for years to come.

For the more creative shopper, we offer one of the largest selections of artificial cactus and succulent stems, many different varieties of faux foliage, artificial moss squares, boxwood, and grass, as well as decorative wood, for any and all DIY projects that you have in mind to redecorate your home.
We love to see how you style your Véronneau products! Don’t forget to show us your style by using #veronneau when you share your photos of our products in your space on Facebook and Instagram! For more home décor (or even office décor!) inspiration, visit our photo gallery of installations, where houseplants are all heavily featured! Don’t forget to follow us on social media. Happy decorating!


Yellow centerpiece 14 x 20''



Orange centerpiece 14 x 20''



Red centerpiece 14 x 20''



White & green centerpiece 14 x 20''



White outdoor hibiscus hanging basket 18 x 18''



Red & white outdoor hibiscus hanging basket 18 x 18''



Hibiscus hanging basket 18''



Orange outdoor hibiscus hanging basket 18 x 18''



Peach outdoor bougainvillea 3 feet



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