Frequently asked questions


​1. How should I care for my artificial plants?

Upon purchasing your plant and bringing it home, all you’ll need to do is give it a quick spray with our artificial plant cleaner. This helps repel dust that will land on your plant’s foliage. After the first initial spray, at the change of each season, you should use a hairdryer to easily remove any dust that may be on your plant, then spray it again to maintain its shine and lustre.

2. Can I clean my plants by spraying them with water?
There’s no use in spraying them water. It’s better to seasonally give your plant a quick pass with a hair dryer to remove dust and spray them with an artificial plant cleaner that will repel dust particles.

3. Can artificial plants get discolored when they’re indoors?

Artificial plants can be discolored by prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays, especially if they’re not treated or guaranteed like some of our outdoor artificial plants. If you’re planning on keeping an artificial plant next to a window that would shine direct sunlight onto the plant, we recommend spraying it first with a UV protector, which would work as sunblock. Otherwise, if your plants are not exposed to sunlight, there is no danger of them discoloring.

4. How come my artificial plant doesn’t look the same as it does in store or in pictures?

The plants that you see online or in store have been styled to look as close to the real thing as possible. It’s possible to get this look at home, but it takes time and patience to work the leaves in a way to allow them to fall naturally. It’s important to note that the branches and artificial foliage on our plants are sturdy, well-made, and meant to be worked, so don’t be scared to get a little rough. Shape the leaves with your hands, same for any stems. You can always look at a picture from our site, or of a real plant, to see how your artificial plant should naturally fall. You can watch this short video for a quick tutorial on how to open your artificial plant.
5. How should I pot an artificial plant?

If you want to pot your artificial plant yourself you just need to place it in the decorative pot of your choosing and fill the pot, around the smaller pot of the artificial plant, with piece of Styrofoam or any other material that will keep the plant in place. Once you’re satisfied, cover it up with a layer of rocks, mulch or even artificial moss for a more natural effect. If you prefer to keep the plant in the pot permanently, you can come visit us in store where we will affix the plant to the pot with urethane.

6. How can I make an artificial plant look real?

It’s all in the details – with some exceptions. While shopping for your artificial plant, keep a close eye out for specific details so the plant that you go home with looks as real as possible. Avoid any models with drops on water on them. Pay attention to the color of the foliage – a lot of the time you’ll find a fake plant with foliage that is too green or too pale to look natural. Once you bring the plant home, make sure to put in a pot that matches your décor – add some mulch or another type of material to finish off the look.
7. How are your plants set in their pots?

In store, we use urethane to permanently set the plants in pots. 
8. I can’t find a tree in the height I need. Is it possible to have one custom-made?

Of course! We make a large variety of trees in our atelier. Come in store and speak to an associate for any custom orders or fill out this online form.
9. What is the lifespan of an artificial plant?

When it comes to indoor artificial plants, if you’re doing the minimum maintenance, you’re more likely to want to change your décor before the plant starts to look less than its best. Outdoor artificial plants, however, have a lifespan of 2 to 5 years due to their exposure to the elements.  Several models of outdoor plants are also provided with a guarantee against fading caused by UV rays.

10. How much does a custom green wall cost?

Le tarif de base pour la confection d’un mur végétal est de 25$ le pied carré. Ce montant est appelé à augmenter en fonction des plantes qu’on choisit d’y intégrer. Fill out this form to tell us about your project or visit us in store.


11. What size pot should I get for my artificial plant?

What we generally recommend is opting for a pot with a similar diameter to the plant that you’ve chosen to have a nice balance. It’s all about the proportions. Everything after that is just a question of taste.

12. Are there pots that are better than others for outdoor use? Do I need to put my pots away during the winter?

All types of pots can be used for outdoor planting. Once winter comes, apart from plastic pots, we suggest that you bring your pots inside, whether it’s your home or your shed. Only put planters filled with earth in your shed if you’re sure that is no water left inside. In doing so, you avoid fissures in your pots that are caused by water freezing and expanding.

13. What can I do to ensure that my pot doesn’t fall over when it’s windy?

If you have artificial plants, which are usually fairly light, it’s recommended that you fill the bottom of your pot with either sand or rocks. If you have natural plants, rocks are recommended because they help with water flow and help your earth dry between rain and/or watering.


14. How do I clean artificial flowers?

Maintenance on artificial flowers is the same as it is for artificial plants: minimal. When they’re new, spray them with an artificial flower cleaner. Spraying your flowers with this product will repel dust from sticking to your flower’s petals. We suggest a seasonal pass with a blow-dryer on the foliage to get rid of any dust particles, and then another spray so that they keep their original lustre.

15. Can I bring a vase from home so a florist can make an arrangement in it?

Yes, of course!
16. Can I bring in a floral arrangement from home to have it updated? 

Yes, but the new flowers that are added must be purchased at Décors Véronneau.
17. Are your floristry services free?

No. Our florists charge $40/hour. If a florist takes 30 minutes to create a custom bouquet for you, the cost of creation will be $20.


18. Can artificial plants and flowers be planted outside?

It’s possible to plant your artificial plants outdoors, but the plants you choose must be made for outdoor use so that they’re UV resistant and can stand up to the elements. We will also always suggest that you bring the plants in for the winter, or that you cover them as you would with a real shrub.
19. Are there artificial plants and flowers that are guaranteed against discoloration?

Yes! We have a large selection of artificial plants that are guaranteed two years against UV discoloration. Within the selection, we also have many different type of artificial flowers for your flower boxes and outdoor arrangements.

20. How to install privacy fence panel?

Our fence panels are easy to install: just open it up to the dimension needed and attach it to a railing, pole, or anything solid with fasteners like Ty-Raps.
21. Can I leave my privacy fence outdoors during the winter?

The short answer is yes, of course. However, if you won’t be using the fence during the winter months, it’s best to put it away so that it doesn’t get affected by the sun’s UV rays. It is guaranteed against discoloration for two years, but you can only lengthen its lifespan if you limit its yearlong exposure.


22. What is the difference between warm white and cool white lights?

The light created by a warm white bulb is similar to that of the light produced by an incandescent bulb. It has more of a yellow tone, and is generally warmer. Cool white has more of a blue tone to it, and it similar in coloring and effect given off by a neon light.
23. Which lights are best for outdoor decorating?

We have a selection of Christmas lights that are made specifically for outdoor decorating. Their wiring is more resistant. Always make sure that the packages explicitly says that the lights are made for outdoor use.

24. What is an LED light? What are the advantages of choosing LED?

LED means Light-Emitting Diode. This type of lighting is energy efficient and has a much longer lifespan than regular incandescent bulbs. Opting for LED lighting is also a more environmentally conscious choice as these bulbs do not contain any mercury, like fluorescent lights. Another advantage is that LED bulbs do not emit any heat and are always cold to the touch.

25. What do I do if I have burnt bulb in my set?

All you need to do is replace it. A set of lights is no longer burnt out due to one burnt bulb, so gone are the days of searching for the singular burnt bulb.

26. How can I properly store my Christmas lights?

One of the best ways to store your Christmas lights is to wrap them around a piece of cardboard with notches on either end, as it will keep the wires from getting tangled. Once you’ve wrapped them, you should also store them in a bag.

27. What is the lifespan of an artificial Christmas tree?

When properly stores and cared for, an artificial Christmas tree can have a lifespan of over 10 years!

28. What are the advantages of artificial Christmas tree?

There are so many advantages to opting for a fake Christmas tree. First of all, when picking, you have a large number of models to choose from, from the type of fir, it’s shape, dimensions, integrated lighting, to getting a tree with or without decorations. Among other advantages, there is no care required for an artificial tree, so no watering at all during the season, and you don’t have to worry about the mess of pine needles all over your floor.

29. How can I properly store my Christmas tree once the holidays are over?

All you need to do is take your tree apart, and put it back in the box it came in, or in a storage bag specifically made for Christmas trees. It’s also recommended that you ensure that the box is closed so that your tree doesn’t get dusty between uses.

30. How do I choose which Christmas tree is best?

Apart from aesthetic preferences, we suggest opting for PVC models over polyester. PVC trees won’t get squished and there a lot more color variations which make the tree look more realistic. Other elements to consider is the number of branches, the amount of lights and the type of bulbs. Whenever possible, choose LED lights over incandescent.

31. Can my artificial Christmas tree go outside?

If your tree is protected from the elements, it can be used as outdoor décor. Otherwise, you’ll have to ensure to purchase a model without lights, as the lights that are installed artificial Christmas trees are made for indoor use and will not stand up to winter weather. No artificial tree is guaranteed for outdoor use.

32. Why purchase a Christmas tree with integrated lights?

Purchasing a Christmas tree with lights that are already integrated has a number of advantages. Firt of all, you avoid the hassle of putting them in your tree yourself, you’re sure that there’s an even amount of lights all over your tree and that the wires are well hidden.


33. What are the advantages of opting for artificial?

There are so many, we even put together an article for you to see them all in one place.

34. Do you offer residential design services?

Yes. An hourlong consultation costs $74 plus tax. The service becomes free once you purchase for $500 before tax in store.

35. Do you offer commercial design services?

Yes. This service is free. You can request a consultation online.
36. Do you offer delivery and installation services?

Yes. The base fare for delivery in Laval is $60. The fee can vary depending on where you are located. Installation services cost $85/hour.
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